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Ancient Greek city for sale
« on: Thursday, 17 May, 2018 @ 22:31:16 »
Ancient Greek city goes on sale for £6m

Anyone harbouring even the vaguest desire to be emperor of their own classical domain should throw their hat into the ring for the sale of a once-great ancient Greek city.

Bargylia, on the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea in what was once governed by Athens, has been put up for sale for a snip at 35 million lira (£5.8m), in an attempt to protect its catalogue of archaeological sites. The British Museum currently houses 58 artefacts procured from 2,000-year-old city’s coastline.

Said to have been founded by Bellerophon, a hero of Greek mythology, in honour of his companion Bargylos, who had been killed by a kick from the winged horse, Pegasus, Bargylia has existed since at least 200BC, when King Philip V of Macedon and his fleet took refuge in the city during the Cretan War. The Temple of Artemis Cindyas is nearby.