Author Topic: Facebook: the app that keeps on giving  (Read 776 times)

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Facebook: the app that keeps on giving
« on: Monday, 02 July, 2018 @ 15:07:40 »
your private data away:

Facebook shared private data with 61 companies
Facebook continued to allow companies access to user data despite concerns about a quiz app that mined data which was handed to a political campaign business

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Re: Facebook: the app that keeps on giving
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday, 03 July, 2018 @ 09:14:40 »
 "Private Data"? Really?

The whole business model of Faceache, Instagrief, WhackedUp, Google, Gmail, Hotmail et al is you knowingly abandon any notion of Privacy and agree to those companies doing anything they want with your data, posts, email, searches etc.

The Cambridge Analytics debacle was more about them having gained access to FB data without paying for it, rather than them having gained access at all. Facebook will sell your data to anyone who'll pay.

Why on earth do people use these products where their "private info" is the traded commodity, and then raise their hands in horror when that same private info is shared?

If any of the above concerns you, though I'm amazed how many don't seem to care, then use as your search resource, and ProtonMail for email. Both Free, both Private.

Rant over. :-)