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Re: Boat taxi services
« Reply #25 on: Wednesday, 16 July, 2014 @ 15:13:10 »
I have been cruising for the last week and only just seen the latest posts in this thread.
I started the water taxi service 8 years ago with Makis, who did it for a season and half, before Yiannis took over. I have been helping Yiannis on and off since then, so I know him very well.
Before the season starts he has to report to the Port Police to have his documents checked (one reason why the start of the service is often delayed) and I have seen his license and insurance recently. In all the time I have known him, he has only drunk water or coffee. I have never seen him drink alcohol. Yiannis is a fisherman and has a high regard for the sea environment. He does travel quite fast, but this is what most passengers enjoy. However, he has now slowed down on the approaches to Katelios due to the danger of people snorkelling near the jetty.
Trip Advisor will always have differing opinions, but the one quoted above is very extreme, from someone who clearly did not enjoy themselves. I am sure the majority would have a different opinion.

As a post script, it appears that the comments on Trip Advisor have been taken down and quite rightly.
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