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Reporting animal abuse
« on: Thursday, 21 December, 2023 @ 16:23:19 »
How To Report Animal Abuse To The Greek Police

With the murder of Oliver, the husky from Arachova, appearing in recent days in the news, the non-governmental organisation Zero Stray Pawject, which has set the goal of ending the existence of strays on the streets and that all companion animals have a stable home and care, made a post to explain in every detail the procedure to report an incident of animal abuse to the Greek Police:

“Send an email to or call 10410 or 100 or contact the nearest Police Department, the most effective way to report is via email.

“In the complaint by email, within 10 days, you will receive an answer about the development of the case, so you can respond. Also, this is how the Headquarters of the Hellenic Police give an order with all that this implies.

“The complaint should include as much information and photos as possible, such as the exact address with a pin on the map (if required), photographic and video material and a detailed description of the incident.

“In the event that the situation is extremely urgent, we can call 10410 after sending the email and highlight the importance of immediate intervention by police.

“In the event that we find that the legal actions were not taken, we can proceed with a report to"./size]