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God's own FA
« on: Saturday, 05 January, 2019 @ 22:05:57 »
A cry for independence? How Yorkshire is to appear in footballing world cup for stateless people and de facto nations

It has been hailed, by some, as a first symbolic step towards England’s biggest region acquiring autonomy. Others have dismissed it as Yorkshire parochialism gone rogue.

The county known – by its own residents at least – as “god’s own” sparked minor headlines earlier this year when it created its own “national” football team.

Now, an idea first dreamed up in a Halifax pub has, it seems, gained global traction.

The Yorkshire International Football Association (YIFA) – currently five games and three wins into its life – has been invited to enter the 2020 world cup for displaced peoples, stateless nations, de facto countries and disputed territories.

Quite which one of those Yorkshire actually is has not been specified.


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Re: God's own FA
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Up the Tykes!!!