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If you haven't come across it before, VirusTotal is a website that scans URLs and files for malware by utilising anti-malware engines from sixty-plus AV companies. That might suggest it's a slow process but usually it's done in seconds.

VT4Browsers is a browser extension that makes it easier to submit URLs and files to VirusTotal for checking. It's available for Firefox and Google Chrome.

URLs / links

To scan a link in e.g. Google Search hover the mouse over the link and right click on it, this will pop up a box like this:

Down towards the bottom you should see VT4Browsers. Hover the mouse over VT4Browsers and another box will pop up, click on the top entry, Scan selected link. This will take you to the Virus Total website where the link will be scanned for malware before you click on the link to open it.


If you're planning to download a file from the internet you can check it for malware before downloading it.

When you've added VT4Browsers you should check the options.

In Firefox click on the hamburger menu top right > Add-ons and themes > Extensions > VT4Browsers > Preferences.

To ensure no private correspondence, intimate photos, etc are sent to VirusTotal the Don't scan documents (docx, pdf, etc.) is checked by default. I uncheck it as
1. Malware can be hidden in documents, pdf's, etc
2. I don't have any incriminating or illicit files on my PC.

I check Show 'Send to VirusTotal' prompt when downloading files as I like to have the option to save a little time by not scanning downloads from sites I trust.

I also check Pause downloads when sending to VirusTotal as this stops the files from downloading until I've checked and approved the download.

More information at

So, when you download a file from the internet you'll see a pop-up box like this:

Click through until this box pops up:

Click on Go to VirusTotal File report, this takes you to the VirusTotal site where the file will be checked for malware, usually within sixty seconds. When you're satisfied it's OK click Resume.

For some reason, possibly to do with other security apps, the 'Resume' option doesn't always work for me so I have to  click on the download icon (#2 in screenshot) and resume the download by clicking the re-cycle icon.

VT4Browsers isn't a substitute for a Windows anti-virus program but can be useful to check before you visit a website / download from the internet.