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Saving the kaiki
« on: Saturday, 28 May, 2022 @ 23:15:13 »
Fisherman on a Mission to Save the Kaiki, Greece’s Iconic Fishing Boat

In 2007, the European Union announced a new policy to bring a balance between fishing resources and all the related activities surrounding it, including the destruction of Greece’s iconic ‘kaiki’ fishing boats, in an effort to address the depletion of fish in the Mediterranean.

In reality, this means the physical destruction, or “cutting,” of fishing boats that are more than ten years old, with the offering of compensation for the loss of fishermen’s ancient livelihood and their wooden boats, which are part of Greece’s history and heritage.

In essence, the EU is paying the fishermen to forget their way of life by destroying their own boats—something that would have been unthinkable until recent times with Greece’s age-old tradition of fishing being an essential part of its very identity.

About 13,000 kaikia have been deliberately destroyed since 1994 after the EU directive called for the demolition of the small wooden fishing boats which Greek fishermen have used for millennia.

The directive, which aims at putting a stop to overfishing in the Mediterranean, applies to other Mediterranean countries, as well.

The European Commission law calls for Greek fishermen to give up their fishing boats and licenses in exchange for a few thousand euros as compensation.

Long read but quite informative