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More than 7K lightning strikes throughout Greece on Mon.; intense hail storm over greater Athens

The National Observatory of Athens' Zeus system recorded more than 11,000 lightning strikes throughout Greece on Monday, up until 19.00 (17.00), including roughly 700 in the greater Athens area.

Lightning strike hits Acropolis; four people slightly injured

The Acropolis archaeological site in central Athens was abruptly closed to the public on Wednesday after a lightning strike hit close to the ruined Erechtheion temple, on the north side of the hilltop. 

Two security guards and two tourists were slightly injured from the lightning, with first aid given at a local hospital.

No damages to the antiquities was ascertained.

A lightning nod has been fixed atop the Acropolis for decades.

The incident comes yet another severe thunderstorm to hit the greater Athens area this month, one of the wettest Aprils in recent memory.