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The Greek taverna
« on: Thursday, 04 May, 2023 @ 17:47:02 »
The secret etiquette of the Greek taverna

The Greeks have an appetite for life that includes a seemingly insatiable passion for eating out. Perhaps that’s why there are so many different words for restaurant in Greek.

The most formal is the “estiatorio”, where you can expect a proper tablecloth and perhaps even surly waiters in white jackets. At the other end of the spectrum...

Think they've forgotten the souvlatzidiko (souvlakia and yiros pita), the khasapotaverna (psistaria in a butcher's shop), psarotaverna (seafood), mezedhopoleio (mezethes) and the zakharoplasteio (baklava, etc.) - although it seems tourist tavernas tend to blur the distinctions. Interesting read, nonetheless.