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Kefalonia Animal Trust AGM 2022
« on: Monday, 28 February, 2022 @ 10:10:42 »
The total amount raised this year :-        69083.76 euro.
Sales and bazaars made a total of:-        25699.32 euro.
This can be broken down as follows:-
Svoronata shop:-                                         21904.80 euro.   
Katelios Book Sales/Food sales:-                1572.10 euro.
Christmas Fayre:-                                           2222.42 euro.
Raffles/Auctions (cash payments):-          1100.00 euro.
Cat photo competition (cash payments):-  233.00 euro.
Natalies Quiz:-                                                  390.00 euro.
Thunderstorm prediction:-                               64.00 euro.
Nickie Warboys Fundraiser:                            800.00 euro.
Calendar sales (cash payments):-                    80.00 euro.
Other income was as follows:-
Collecting Tins at the Vets:-                          12533.67 euro.                         
Collecting Tins at other locations:-                 250.26 euro.         
Donations via paypal :-                                  24798.00 euro.       
Cash donations totalled: -                               1683.49 euro.
Darren car boot sales:-                                      242.00 euro.                             
Steven Haughton Funeral collection:-             110.00 euro.
Membership fees: -                                            480.00 euro.
Sheila & Roger Leaving (cash donations):-      615.00 euro
Bank donations , Euro account                              5.00 euro.
Interest on the Alpha bank account was             0.02 euro .
                   TREASURERS REPORT KATS AGM 26 FEBRUARY 2022
Total outgoings were:-                 71550.31 euro.
Miscellaneous expenses:-
PO Box No:-                                           57.31 euro.
Calendar printing:-                               500.00 euro.
Vets bills totalled:-                            70993.00 euro. (This figure is 15108.05 euro more than in 2020)
Lefteris:-                                               9450.00 euro.
Spiridoula:-                                          16455.00 euro.
Amanda:-                                            31470.00 euro.
Pantelis (Sami):-                                  5775.00 euro.
Nikki:-                                                    7843.00  euro.
Expenditure:-                                     71550.31 euro
Less Income:-                                       69083.76 euro                                                                                                                     
Total                                                      - 2466.55   euro (This is a shortfall)
To sum up in 2021 we spent 14442.60 euro more than in 2020.
However due to shop closures and lack of the Katelios bazaar, because of Covid restrictions we did not raise enough money to cover our expenditure in 2021.
The shortfall was covered from our balance brought forward from 2020.
Demand for neutering codes is higher than ever and we were unable to have a visiting vet due to Covid.
We were able to hold our Christmas Fayre, by using two different locations one for food and drink and one for the sale of Christmas goods.
Unfortunately we said goodbye to Sheila and Roger, but the collection in their names enabled us to neuter many extra cats in Ano Katelios.
We hope they will have many happy years in the UK, their work on KATs behalf and enthusiasm will be greatly missed.
We would especially like to thank all our dedicated volunteers who help with the shop/booksales/ fundraisers etc, sometimes in bad weather and extreme heat, all the people who generously donate to these events or give us items for the shop and book sales.
 Thanks for monies raised:-
Thanks to everyone who has a collecting tin on their premises that has been emptied this year:-
Bakery Peratata, The Book Tree, Galera Restaurant,  Solomos Supermarket Skala, Sunvil Office,
Thank you to the following people who have made cash donations:-
Benny Porter and Izzy, Lesley Groom, Andrew Clark,Vera Attwood, Kerry Dawson Skitt, Marilyn Haines, Jackie Nichols, Sarah Franielcyzk, Sue Tottey, Isobel  Mc Caughie, Gill Taylor, Adele Dale, Chris Aram, Simon & Angie North, Norma Warren, Linda Bellinger & Jeffrey Barden, Christina Cosgrove, Ulrike Gripp, Kevin Hanks, Richard Guttfield, John & Paulette Lee, D & N Fein, Cleo (Poros), Chris Norbury and the anonymous change donators.
All our wonderful supporters who donate via Paypal:-
Adam Biggs, Adele Christine Dale, Alan Dobby, Aleksandra Inglot, Alexandra Hamilton, Alexandra Mumford, Alina Coyle, Alison Cadmore, Alpo Seppänen, Amanda Fleur Ashby, Andrea Vomvas, Andreas Mantantzis, Andrew Kirkham, Angela Davies, Anne Pennington, Anthony Phillips, Antonia Vomvas, Ashley Haines, Avril Page, Barbara Barnard, Barry Hayton, Becky Scully, Belinda Locke, Caroline Dewar, Catherine Candy, Catherine McKenzie, Cathy Day, Catriona Todd, Cayley Gwilt, Charley Clarke, Charlotte Greene, Cheryl Collins, Christine Aram, Christine Kelly, Christopher Williams, Colleen Chapman, Cynthia Walsh, Darren Hunt, David Kolb, David McCaughie, David Robinson, David Scully, Davide Iung, Debbie Hughes, Deborah McCrorie, Elizabeth Ablett, Elli Constantatou, Emma Hamer, Eric Behenna, Felix Martin, Fiona Eggenton, Fiona Hay, Fiona Jarman, Fiona MacGregor, Flair Birch, Gayle Watts, Georgios Iasonas Nikiteas, Giovanna Maier, Graham Cole, Greek Animal Rescue, Hayley Richardson, Helen Hogh, Hilary Absalom, Holly Clibbon, Ilkley Brewery, Ines Heinze, Ines Stienon, Ion Linardatos, Ivan White, James Webber, Jane Grime, Jane Nightingale, Jane Regan, Janine Whitehead, Janne Kristiansen, Jean Baker, Jessica Naylor, Jill Thompson, Jill Thompson, Joanne Fargher, Joanne Harris, Jocelynne Russell, John Pike, John Whittingham, Jon Casey, Jonathan A Clarke, Joy Pollard, Jude Waterhouse, Judi Hunt, Karen Elliott-Bateman, Karen Whittingham, Karron Southwell, Kate Kenyon, Katharina Fehring, Katy Smith, Kirsten Jonas, Laura Sargeant, Lesley Attwood, Lesley Groom, Lesley Stack, Lisa Plummer, Liz Burrows, Lorraine Morris, Lucy Liddell, Lynn Duffy, Lynn Gration, Lynn Hughes, Madeleine Hartley, Maria Gasparinatou, Maria Jonsson, Maria Nikoletatou, Mary Willis, Mary-Jane Warleigh, Michelle Jacobs, Michelle White, Miss C L Massey, Miss L J Bassett, Natalie Mole, Natasha Pasquale, Nertila Nanousi, Nicola Delaney, Nigel Turnbul, Nikola Jones, Pamela S Cassidy, Pascal Oberhaensli, Pat Osborne, Patricia Cropper, Patrizia Hauser, Paul & Sarah Haigh, Paulina Patrykowska, Pete Clark, Peter Bibby, Peter Webb, Phil & Kim Holmes, Pier Angela Basile, Rachael Robinson, Rachel Hardwick, Raymond Benson, Rebecca Joyce, Rengina Moraitou, Richard Brucker, Richard Guttfield, Robert Olah, Rosamund Harvey, Sally Fordham, Sara Hughes, Sara Sharp, Sarah Franielczyk, Sarah Haigh, Sarah Magklivera, Sarah Martin, Scott Isbell, Simon Plummer, Simon Whitehead, Simone Ororante, Steph Scully, Sue Morley, Sue Utley, Susan Camilleri, Susan Clark, Susan M Ball, Terry Hughson, Thelma Jones, Tierfreunde Kefalonia, Tijl Schneider, Tracy Sidaway, Tricia Nicoll, Vagelis Tselentis, Wayne Ratchford, William Lindner, Zoë Hamilton, Zofia Mrowka, ΛΙΝΑΡΔΑΤΟΥ ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑ
Also we have had several anonymous donations, so thank you very much whoever you are.
On behalf of the newly voted in committee
Catherine Candy - President
Janet Jones - Treasurer
Mahi Dendias - Secretary
Janice Holmes - Vice President
Izabela Pelz (Izzy) committee member
We would like everyone that attended the AGM Today, an amazing turnout, (might just have been the wonderful home made cakes) but amazing anyway
And welcome to the new members
We will post balance sheet later