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KATs Books and Shop
« on: Tuesday, 29 November, 2016 @ 15:56:03 »
KATs Book Sale
Thanks to everyone who turned up at the KATs Book Sale on Sunday. Including donations received, we took the fabulous amount of €180, what a brilliant start to our winter fundraising! Many thanks also to our bakers for the delicious cake, scones and sausage rolls!
Due to the ARK Christmas Bazaar, our next book sale will take place on SATURDAY 10th December instead of the Sunday - venue and time as usual. I will email/post nearer the time to remind you of the change of day.

KATs Charity Shop - Skala
The KATs charity shop opened in Skala today and got off to a great start. The shop will be open on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 10:30am until 12:30pm. The venue is as last year, at Maya's gift shop, next door to Marabou cafe (across the square from the main entrance to the church). We sell good quality second hand clothes, shoes, bags and household bric-a-brac - we will happily relieve you of any of yours!
Sheila and the team look forward to seeing friends old and new but suggest that if you do visit, you come after the opening half hour local scrum!!