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Best beach in Europe?
« on: Saturday, 30 April, 2022 @ 17:51:06 »
40 of the best beaches in Europe

Fteri, Kefalonia

Reached via a mildly adventurous hike or on a short bouncing taxi boat ride from nearby Zola harbour, Fteri is an alternative to this popular island’s busy big-hitter beaches such as Xi and Myrtos. Backed by white cliffs and a forested valley, Fteri remains relatively quiet thanks to the slight effort involved in getting there, but those who do are rewarded with cut-glass water and the sweep of white sand. An occasional luxury yacht might drop anchor but there are no snack bars or facilities, just caves to poke around in, interesting rock formations and darting fish to tail with your snorkel.

Article doesn't say it's No.1 but it is the first beach mentioned. Looks like a heck of a trek to get down to it but nice to have a change from Myrtos as the "best beach on Kefalonia". Maybe the writer has actually visited Kef? (And, er, it does look about as sandy as Aragia beach).