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PO delivery scam
« on: Thursday, 01 December, 2022 @ 14:37:00 »
How to spot a dodgy Post Office delivery text

Scammers are again impersonating the Post Office in an attempt to steal your personal details. 

Dodgy delivery texts are among the most common types of scam we've seen this year, and pray upon people who are genuinely waiting for a parcel to arrive.

In some cases, fraudsters use any details you give away to try and scam you again at a later date, often by impersonating your bank.

The latest Post Office text scam asks you to take action by telling you that your parcel has been sent back to your local branch. 

The fraudulent text messages reads: ‘Post Office: Your parcel has been redirected to your local branch due to an unpaid shipping fee.’

It links to a legitimate-looking website, where it asks you to pay for the redelivery of your parcel. Never click on this kind of link or provide any personal data.

Brief video in link