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Animal protection law
« on: Friday, 05 May, 2023 @ 13:14:35 »
Owners must provide DNA of non-neutered pets

Dog and cat owners who do not want to have their pets neutered must provide a DNA sample to the Academy of Athens’ specialized laboratory, according to a circular issued by the Interior Ministry.

The collection of the genetic material will be carried out exclusively by a certified veterinarian, through blood sampling (0.5-2 ml) or, if this is not possible, the collection of cells from the inside of the animal’s cheek extracted using special Teflon stylets.

The procedure costs 135 euros per pet, to be paid online at, with an additional 15 euros to be paid to the veterinarian for the collection of genetic material.

There is no cost for dogs bred solely for animal herding (sheepdogs). A fine of €1,000 will be imposed on owners who fail to perform one of the two procedures (neutering or providing genetic material).